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jeremy goldberg

Grace Wanyura, Owner/Head Trainer


Grace's early riding and competition career began in three main disciplines: hunter/jumper, dressage and eventing which enabled her to bring a broader range of horsemanship to her program when she specialized in the hunters and jumpers over 20 years ago.  Since opening Rocabarra she has produced numerous champions in both horse and rider year after year, proving beyond a doubt that her program works.  Grace has also mentored and produced several valuable professionals who train and ride throughout North America taking the knowledge they have learned at Rocabarra further afield.


Grace began Rocabarra with the philosophy that "slow and steady wins the race" which has stood the farm in good stead over the years. Each horse and rider are taken through the stages of learning at their own speed, with no steps skipped. Flat work is considered extremely important, just as is correct equitation over fences.  Grace has a passion to teach people, no matter what level they may wish to achieve, to appreciate their horse as they advance together. Her other passion is the kind, compassionate and correct upkeep of horses in her care.  Grace does not differentiate in the quality of teaching or time given to any student whether they choose to horseshow or not.


Grace welcomes ship in customers for lessons, when time is available, and has helped many in a variety of disciplines through this program.  She is also available for clinics and welcomes the opportunity to meet new people who share a passion for the sport. Moreover, she acts as an expert witness, when required, and also as an Equine Appraiser.


Rocabarra's premier sales program was developed single handedly by Grace, and continues to lead the industry in sales and service for horses from North America and Europe. Please feel free to browse our sales page if you would like further information on this program or contact Grace directly.


For a comprehensive show package, boarding agreement, more information on the training methods diligently employed in her lesson and training program please contact Grace at (905)985-3669.


jeremy goldberg

Renee Connors, Assistant Trainer


Renee began riding at Rocabarra at the age of 17, prior to which she had already gained valuable experience in several horse disciplines.  Renee achieved her Fitness and Health diploma from Durham College, while continuing to ride and compete, after which she decided to pursue horse's professionally. During her time at Rocabarra Renee has shown an extreme apptitude not only for horse skills but great people skills as a teacher as well, making her an invaluable assistant to Grace. Renee's primary job is riding and showing the sales horses as well as client horses. Peppered amongst this she heads the show organization and aids in coaching and teaching when needed or time is available.


Renee's primary passion lies in the jumper ring and several top horse's have helped her along the way: Grafin, a wonderful german mare who Renee competed on for 3 years before selling her to US, where she became a top derby horse. Then came Abbot who showed in the hunters and jumpers until he was sidelined due to injury. Rusty Beuachesne was kind enough at this point to offer up his horse, Andora, whom Renee was able to compete with up to the 1.35's.  However, Agent 260, purchased by Ontario Data Supplies, gave Renee a taste of the "big stuff" as she was able to compete at the Talent Squad level. After Renee insured "Aggie" found a forever home, Ontario Data Supplies purchased Renee's future Grand Prix mount, COCU, from Europe in the fall of 2012 as a five year old.  Renee hopes to develop this special young horse into a winning top competition mount over the next few years.


This patience is perhaps her greatest asset with people and horses, and gives Renee a sense of calm in even the most stressful situations.  She is an excellent team member for Rocabarra and offers her wisdom and aid to all.



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